Mr. Norbert Csikany PhD.

The founder was born and raised in Hungary.

He began his security career as a Martial Artist in Europe. At a young age, after finishing his basic education he applied to both Military and Law Enforcement School. 

He is a highly qualified expert in security and anti-terrorism. He has studied safety/security and anti-, counter-terrorism to a high level in Hungary, Russia, Netherland, United Kingdom, USA and Israel.

He has more than 15 years’ experience in the areas of VIP protection, intelligence and anti-terrorism and he has more than 30 years’ experience of martial arts, close combat and self-defence.

He obtained a diploma from the “International Safety Expert and Protection Specialist” with the accomplishment of additional trainings. He attended training which was organized by NATO, where at the end of military training he has received a degree from the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, which attests his as an international SWAT trainer instructor. He is a international qualified military and police instructor.

He’s love for Martial Arts styles began in 1982, which is still practicing it to the present day.  In 1995 after experiencing the military close combat system krav-maga (Israeli), jutsey-kyoksul (Korean) and Systema (Russian) he started to study these styles. Today he is a well experienced instructor of these military close combat systems.

He has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa and other danger areas. Due to the situation reigning in these countries, hence he has real and high experience in anti-terrorist operations. He has speciality of personal protection/celebrity bodyguarding and special operations and protection in high risk areas and danger zones.

He is founder president of "PSA Academy® - International Protective and Security Academy®" - The founder has developed and prepared an international recognized special psychology-based education method The Tactical Close Combat Training System™- (TCCS) and training materials for the police, military and personal protective professionals.

He has earned a high position in "IBSSA - International Bodyguard and Security Services Association, which he is a member, instructor and security expert in this international organization, and at the same time, he is the regional representative of the "IBSSA-UK”.

From 2007, he is the representative and/or Chief Instructor of the following international organization in the UK: "International Institute for Security and Safety Sciences - USA" and "International Budo Academy - Israel", From 2012, He is official Master teacher of Alfa & Omega Security Academy—Romania” From 2013 he is Chief Instructor of Law Enforcement Trainers Federation.

He is also member of some more professional organization like: "INEOA - International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association”,  “IPA - International Police Association”, “IIAUS - International Instructors Association of Uniformed Services”. and much more.

He enjoy scuba diving, parachuting and like being out with his friends and what a surprise, practicing Martial Arts in his spare time.