One of the factors of the harmonized, happy life is the feeling of safety. Unfortunately nowadays, in this running, changing world you have to close the door and use modern alarm systems, because you and your values could be attacked at any time by aggressors.
It isn't a secret: the more successful you are (because of your property, reputation, beauty or influence), the bigger goal you are in your enemies' and in the envious or fanatic people's view, so you would like to protect more and more yourself, your family, your values and your travels.
The principals would like more and more high-level educated security experts and professional security services
To this problem the IBSS offers to you and your firm as well as employees a solution, collaborating with our member companies as well as partners.
The IBSS offers its professional security services goal-oriented and systematical, by safety experts and specialists, who have high-level education with professional diplomas and international or NATO qualifications as well, and it insure You, the life and the human dignity of Your family and Your loved ones, the safety of Your employees/customers, and the undisturbed of Your conduct, travels and programs.
Note: In Europe the European Centre of PSA-IBSS is known as European Security and Defence Agency™ -ESDA™. The ESDA™  is a full authority member of PSA International Group™.
The ESDA offers a special armed protective and complex security solution in high risk and highlighted facilities and events protection like the Embassy of the Isreal, 
furthermore offers protection to religious leaders and events, politicians, diplomats and high profile VIP persons in Europe and with together the PSA-IBSS centre outside Europe as well. Our all services of course we doing independently of ethnic view and religious affiliation.