Maritime and Anti-Piracy Service

The PSA International - IBSS's Maritime Security and Anty-Piracy Services has the unique ability, with its wealth of knowledge and experience in risk and security, to assess and formulate a diverse range of security solutions and systems, standalone or integrated, to meet client's individual requirements.
The PSA International - IBSS provides armed guards to escort ships and protection of your staff when travelling through high risk areas like the Gulf of Aden.
We are capable of placing maritime security teams anywhere in the world within a very short time frame.
Our mission is to provide our clients with professional bespoke maritime security services that will protect their interests from piracy and terrorism.
Using our extensive experience in maritime security, our experts can help you design an affordable package of services that provide you with the best value for your money.
The PSA International - IBSS brings together the state of the art technology and a highly professional, certified staff with the depth of knowledge and experience needed to provide and maintain the most advanced and reliable maritime security tailored to the needs of each respective maritime company, shipping line, ship-owner and governments served.
Our maritime security teams have proven operational experience in the use of a variety of defensive and offensive techniques, ranging from hostile environments such as; Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.
In accordance with IMO advice, our preferred approach is to use highly trained onboard security teams, trained in counter-piracy measures.
We use deterrence in our approach when we protect clients in high risk waters; this approach aims to frighten pirates and keeps them away from vessels guarded by PSA International - IBSS.
We are proud of the breadth of knowledge and experience we offer to our Clients.