Oil and Gas Facilities Guarding

We provide protective security and risk management for oil and gas facilities and pipeline projects around the world.

PSA International - IBSS is experienced in providing a safe and secure environment for oil companies to conduct their daily operations.  Any oil or gas operation faces risk of emergencies, health problems, criminals and environmental issues, particularly within high risk environments where there is a clear requirement to provide premium grade, integrated security services.

We also provide experienced and highly trained security officers/close protection teams and with advanced technology ensures for clients, ensuring their safety at all times, including when traveling to oil and gas sites too.

We protects critical supply chains and crucial national assets by offering a broad range of security solutions to the oil & gas industry around the world.

Camp Security

Employee safety is guaranteed in your camps. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed in them. The security guards have an effective checking system to ensure that alcohol, drugs and other banned items don’t enter the camp.  Patrols make certain that everything is well within the camp. Also security guards make sure that any rules laid out are followed.

Pipeline Security 

Oil pipelines do face risk from theft, criminal activities and leakage that leads to environmental disasters. Patrol units ensure that your pipelines functions well and any issues are reported immediately. These patrols can be easily tracked through our GPS technology so you are always aware of where the security patrol is.

Risk Assessment and Security Review

PSA International - IBSS reviews your security and emergency plans and offers ways you can  improve them. Our security expertise lends us a unique perspective that can enhance these plans. Our experts will help develop a plan that meets your ever changing requirements. Additionally, GPS Security Guards on your oil sands site are well aware of your security and emergency plan. This way, they can lend a hand and help execute and deal with various emergencies.