Personal Protection

The PSA International - IBSS specializes in Personal Protection services for high profile celebrities, television personalities, musical artists, professional athletes, businessmen, princes, diplomats, corporate executives and their family member and Your loved ones, employees/customers complex protection.
The PSA International - IBSS offer one of the best cutting edge of Personal Protection Service.
The PSA International - IBSS can ensure the security of important executives while they travel in unfamiliar locations or high-risk environments, or while they attend events where they may attract unwanted attention. Our Specialists can (individually or as part of a security detail) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection plan for any short or long term detail.
Our firm can provide the protection you need locally, regionally, nationally or internationally too.
Our clients can have confidence in their protection team’s ability to handle their protection detail from start to finish.
We offering our personal protection services on five professional area.
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