Residental and Estate Protection

The Residental and Estate Protection takes protecting your home and family very personally.
There is nothing more important than trusting that your home and family is safe.
The Residential security is no longer a luxury, but essential.
Rely on our specialist team to provide the highest level of protection for your most important possessions - family, home and property.
The PSA International - IBSS guarantees that your home stays your safe and secure castle.
Our Residential Security branch provide round-the-clock peace of the mind for a growing number of high-profile, executive, business people and celebrity clients across the London and Sussex area and surrounding region. As with all our services, PSA International - IBSS security consultants work with the Client to produce a package tailored to specific requirements.
Our residential security teams, who primarily come from ex-military or ex-police backgrounds, receive detailed assignment specific training. We are very particular about who we have representing our organization and are very selective in our recruitment and screening process.
You will find peace of the mind in knowing that the professional agents at PSA International - IBSS will provide security solutions for you and your loved ones anywhere, all the time.
The PSA International - IBSS provides these services within the following special area for customers:
Our Residental Security Services may be claimed individually or as part of a complex personal protection comprehensive plan for any short or long term detail.