Transport and Security Driver Service

Personal safety and security are most at risk when travelling. The most common cause for people being exposed to safety and security risks are ignorance & complacency.
PSA International - IBSS appreciates that value is subjective and that your personal or business security is of primary concern. We provide stylish, secure transport for yourself, loved ones, key personnel, documents, and valuables.
When tasked, we conduct pre-planning and preparation prior to any client movement that identifies and mitigates against any threat.
Transport and secure logistics for your visit to the London in and around may include handling itineraries, journey and route planning aided by our local knowledge of key destinations ensures safe havens, hospitals and other important emergency stop points are at hand in case of emergency.
We are also able to cater to international travel requirements.
Our service caters to even the most complex and demanding situations, providing full operational management and support from initial planning through to delivery.
Our drivers undergo intensive instruction, utilizing the latest defensive and anti-terrorist driving techniques for anti car-jacking. We also provide vehicles fitted with armored materials, if required.
As with all our operational staff, drivers receive regular emergency first-aid training, ensuring that assistance is on hand when needed most.
For more information please contact with us to discuss your exact requirements.