Embassy and Consulates Protection

Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions, as the representative offices of Governments overseas, have always required high levels of security, particularly in areas where terrorist cells and disaffected groups may operate.
This is particularly so for Governments with ongoing military operations or for whom activist groups wish to create change by violent means. Successful attacks or damage to an embassy are often seen as a symbolic act against that country.
Attacks on Embassies are a common occurrence often resulting in loss of life such as the American Embassy bombings of Tanzania, Kenya & Yemen, the Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta and the Embassy sieges in the U.K., Sweden and Colombia, as well as violent demonstrations and attacks on Embassies in the Middle East, all of which demonstrate the international danger to Embassy staff and property.
The Embassy protection is a very complex security task which included the diplomatic motorcade, delegations, diplomats, politicians and their family members protection too and other....  This services of course we doing independently of ethnic view and religious affiliation.
IBSS offers complete security solutions for embassies worldwide. For several years the PSA-Academy® is the official educational institute of the PSA International - IBSS has been in charge of the training of various embassies in Europe and Middle East.
Based on this experience, IBSS developed its own and unique security system Embassy Protection Consulting System (EPCS). The EPCS is a tool for embassies to make it easier to adjust the daily operation of the embassy in different security levels.
Based on EPCS, IBSS and it is official educational institute the PSA-Academy® offers teaching and consulting to embassy staff, security personnel, diplomats etc. The course will be based on the embassy's current threat level.
Duration of the course vary from some hours to a longer course over time.
For security reasons further information is only available by our special consulting services.
Please contact PSA International - IBSS for a meet about embassy protection or consulting services.