Victim and Witness Protection Services

By right of authority or indirect charges, the victim and witness protection service of the PSA Special Service is performed by the agents of PSA International-IBSS who are special trained for this branch area. The persons, who get in this program, go through in a system with many levels, by the level of the endangeredness degree.
The PSA handles the datas of the persons participating in this program with high-level secrecy and encryption, and it accepts and fulfils this service only as a complex protection.
Subject to the character of the ranging, the agents of the IBSS can fulfil this service periodically or permanently, by the side of the protected witness or in the case of extended security by the side of the family members, with their written approval.
The base condition of the entrance in the program is the signing of a contract, what contains a secrecy declaration and regulations concerning to the keeping of special safety measures.
There is a possibility in the program prying the witness and the family members out of the living surroundings, and moving them into our protected flats, or into in a foreign country in the European Union, or in the case of existing visa agreement into the USA or into different countries.
For more information from our Special Services please ask for information on telephone or via email from PSA Headquarters in US or our Centers in Europe, Asia or Africa as well as Regional Representative or Country Director.