Mobile security

PSA International - IBSS‘s mobile security teams provide bespoke security solutions to facilitate ease of movement and successful business activities in a high-risk zone and threat environment.
Each mobile security task differs depending on a number of factors and planning considerations such as the profile of the client, stated aims, resources, locations, threat and budget.
PSA International - IBSS‘s mobile security teams typically provide dedicated mobile security and liaison with relevant authorities and Ministry officials, airport immigration and local security forces. Our experienced personnel can also provide linguistic support, relevant intelligence and threat analysis, ground study and route analysis for all movements; contingency planning and much more.
High-Risk Environment Close Protection
PSA International - IBSS‘s close protection team provide to protect our Clients in High-Risk Environment.
Clients include executives and technical experts employed by the world's leading energy, construction, technology, finance and defense companies as well as dignitaries, diplomats and high net worth individuals working in volatile countries.
Convoy protection:
PSA International - IBSS can provide security for cargo being transported between locations and general movement management.
We can provide to convoy escort missions, safely delivering high value cargo such as cash, oil & gas, power generation and construction equipment through the world's most high risk remote and urban areas.