Static security

PSA International - IBSS provides high quality and effective static guarding for both Government and Commercial clients. To date we have had no breaches of security at any site. PSA International - IBSS’s approach to static guarding is based upon a comprehensive and ongoing analysis of the threats to the location to be guarded, which will inform the design and implementation of the appropriate security solution.
We provide both manpower and technology to protect personnel, high value property and equipment in a resilient, cost effective and accommodative manner.
We provides protect remote contractor camps, corporate headquarters, government compounds, emergency relief centres, strategic power plants, supply-chain hubs, ports and airports military forward operating bases and other crucial temporary and permanent facilities around the world.
The Static Security Services we provide are informed by comprehensive risk assessments. This ensures the static security solutions implemented are commensurate with thorough and on-going analysis of the risk level faced by the specific facility in the specific environment.