Business Bodyguard/Personal Assistant

A corporate executive and businessmen or bankers should be able to focus on his or her job. That’s why we make their personal safety our duty. Our Personal Protection Specialists are skilled in dynamically facilitating all executive travel activities. We make sure that all aspects of the client’s protection and security needs are taken care of, allowing corporate executives to maximize their time of work.
The PSA International - IBSS can ensure the security of important executives while they travel in unfamiliar locations or high-risk environments, as well as while they attend business negotiations, tenders and other events where they may attract unwanted attention.
The PSA International - IBSS's management is well aware that in today's business life information is power and therefore our own Specialist Team prepared and can ensure the protection of important business "secret" negotiations not only for personal safety point of view, but information and data security point of view as well. - so that we can escape from  intercepting confidential "sensitive" informations and monitoring equipment by spy devices. - and it should not cause you surprises, discomforts and financial losses.
This service is filled by the bodyguards of the PSA International - IBSS, who are trained to handle the problems that are known in the business sector. Over the knowledge of security and safety, they got training to attend organizing, business and the diplomatic protocol as well as personal assistant tasks as well.
Our Specialists can (individually or as part of a security detail) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive complex protection plan for any short or long term detail.