Celebrity/Star Bodyguard

The public fascination with high profile celebrities and public figures means inevitable intrusions into privacy. Between the paparazzi and obsessive fans with cell phone cameras; cases of direct threats from criminals, kidnappers and extortionists are on the rise.
The PSA International - IBSS provides absolute discretion and help protect famous persons, singers, movie stars and artists, permanently or periodically, on premiers, shootings, concert tours or anything different events, discreetly or demonstratively; or/and help them and their personnel, train and bodyguards, who haven't got any area knowledge; organizing and insuring their arrival, in Europe and in the USA.
We can provide a Personal Protection Team for both short term assignments, to protect a celebrity’s privacy while at a public venue, and long term assignments to provide the ultimate security for a celebrity’s personal and professional life.
Our Specialists can (individually or as part of a security detail) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection plan for any short or long term detail.