Kid Guard/Child Bodyguard


Insuring and observation of children, who need parental control, and security going with them to nursery school, to school or to anything different programs, occupations, from their very early childhood.
This field of knowledge is starting to become more accepted due to the global increase of kidnappings and abductions. Let us not to forget, that the VIP’s family members are living unknowingly in the same threat as the target person. The attacker or hit-man will see the high level of protection, which the target person is receiving, so he might try to find a way to get a chance, where he can achieve his goal with the lesser amount of energy. The simplest way is through the target person’s family members are the children. Let us just think about it, every normal person would do anything for their children, the target person can be blackmailed and will be vulnerable this way.
That is why we say that the protection of children is a priority in personal protection, because a child is honest and tells the truth and a child’s soul is much more vulnerable. So in high risk situations, it is much more difficult to get it in the line of defence or into conspiracy ordinations due to his way of life and age.
The security of a very minor children is fulfilled by bodyguards, who got a training to attendance of children in a way of pedagogy, babysitting and first-aid, too, over the security knowledge.
Our Specialists can (individually or as part of a security detail) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection plan for any short or long term detail.