Diplomatic Security/Bodyguard

Complex security and protection of diplomatic motorcades, delegations, diplomats, politicians and their family members, independently of ethnic view and religious affiliation. The organizing is based exclusively on professional bases, keeping the diplomatic protocol and the various national habits.
Beyond the defense skills and the diplomatic protocol our specialists are highly trained in providing armed and diplomatic buildings, embassies, consulates - the protection of the organization of complex events and controlling, entry and exit regulation.
Our operational team is trained to the highest standards by our management team of uniquely qualified personal protection specialists. Our team is trained in the pro-active and interactive facilitators with an attention to ensures all aspects of the principal's protection. Our Specialists have unique real-life experience within special units of the police service, as well as military and other security environments.
At the PSA International - IBSS we appreciate the parameters of a protection assignment at all levels of threat and specific environments. Our personnel are trained to work in areas ranging from those requiring unobtrusive low visibility to international high threat/risk arenas.
Our team are experienced in hostile and  violent environments where activists from many factions of economic, political and religious backgrounds pose an on-going threat. Each of us comprehend the enormous amount of reliance, trust and confidence placed upon us, and is diligent in protecting the confidential nature of the association.
Our Specialists can (individually or as part of a security detail) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection plan for any short or long term detail.