Female Bodyguard

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for the professional female bodyguards in worldwide.
Outstanding clients abroad now understand perfectly well that female bodyguards are more universal than men. Example Sharon Stone employs female bodyguards. Indeed, female bodyguards can accompany their female clients in fitting-rooms in a boutique, in beauty shops or ladies’ room in a restaurant.
A client may choose to have a Female Personal Protection Specialist either based on gender preferences or because a female operative can appear to be nothing more than a personal assistant or nanny.
It is known that women oftener resort to "peace talks" than force. Women are seldom treated as a source of menace, and this fact helps female bodyguards act promptly and effectively in case of emergency. Because of this, a Female Protection Specialist can be a valuable and discreet asset as they provide a more low-profile protection.
The PSA International - IBSS can provide trained and experienced female protection specialists anywhere in the world, based on the client’s needs. Our female protection specialists undergo the same rigorous screening and training as their male counterparts, so our clients can have confidence that their specialist is fully qualified to keep them safe.
The clients for female bodyguards are very special, all belonging to business and show business high society circles, so the bodyguards must be really up to snuff both inside and out, with being both physically and mentally capable the ultimate goal.
Our female bodyguard can (individually or as part of a security team) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection plan for any short or long term detail.