The International Protective and Security Academy (PSA-Academy(TM)) is private, independent educational institute and operate as training centre of PSA International. PSA Academy (TM) offering  is one of the best cutting edge of reality based training programs and it is one of the greatest Security Academy Network in the world.
The PSA-Academy (TM) was established with the purpose to by the TCCS Educational System (TM), to highest ever level of Protective & Safety Training Programs offer for YOU, special regard to the field of law enforcement, police and military as well as bodyguard/ Close Protection.
Its founders, teachers who in the topic dedicated and long time working in the field, highly qualified, international recognized for security and anti-terrorist specialists, experts, consultants and trainers.
The Academy's faculty consists of former senior executives from several national Security Agencies and Law Enforcement forces, including the major intelligence agencies: DEA, FBI, IDF and Mossad. Each faculty member brings a wealth of knowledge gained from their specific personal experiences in dealing with the issues, and all colleagues benefit from this.
In addition the Academy uses guest lecturers for specific modules, considering the requirements of the Client.Our clients include both government agencies involved in a broad range of national security issues (intelligence, defense, homeland security) and private sector corporations, who either work in these same fields or who are interested in improving the capabilities of their analysts in general.
The PSA purpose for so professionals of security and defense, top managers, trainers training, who can't only perform the task, but a high degree of expertise and practical experience due, will be able to harmonize, coordinate of different security activities too, who can thinking in a complex security system.
Who is up to date and advanced practical skills in the possession, will be better able to help the prospective employer, their clients, whom a high degree of expertise due, may be employ by both the government and private organizations too.
Our graduates hold key and senior positions in the world of defense and safety both in Europe and throughout the world. Prospective personnel with no prior training and those with a basic or advanced level of knowledge can take part in concentrated training in order to progress. This progression is beneficial to the requirements of the Academy.

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