Our best reference would be to list the organizations we work or have worked with, or who at addition we did safety and security tasks and service, but we will not do this. Because the main aim of our presence on the internet-network that provide basic informal about from our organization, and not rather than commercial or acquisition of new clients.
The basis of quality protection services is a high level of professional experience and discretion as well as trust which is guaranteed by a written secrecy agreement by the PSA International - IBSS.
The PSA International - IBSS highly protects with special secrecy the data of its clients, so we cannot and will not give out any information about them. The management of the PSA International - IBSS distances itself from this sort of advertising. 
The reference of the PSA International - IBSS is its international recognition and contact list, impeccable way of doing the job, the high level skill of our professionals in the field of protection and counter-terrorism and the positive feedback and recommendation of our clients.
The management of the PSA International - IBSS does not need more than this.
Our profession is your protection!
Our professionals have provided protection for state leaders, politicians, businessmen, religious leaders and groups, stars as well as for victims of crimes and highly protected key witnesses.
Our professionals have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Israel and other less dangerous countries and our clients were all pleased with our service.
The PSA International - IBSS is proud to be able to provide protection professionals for V.I.P-s all over the globe.