High Priority Facilities Protection

A high priority facilities as an Military, - government or critical infrastructures like the different power plants (nuclear, - hydro, etc) and water, oil, gas pipelines, airports etc.

Critical Infrastructure furthermore includes facilities for generating electricity and its distribution, oil & gas distribution, water supplies, agriculture, transport, tunnels, bridges, health provision, financial and security services, among others.

These facilities need to be protected to a very high level at all times, any damage to these services can cause disruption, loss of revenues and loss of life particularly in areas where terrorist cells and disaffected groups may operate.

This is particularly so for Governments with ongoing military operations or for whom activist groups wish to create change by violent means. Successful attacks or damage to an these high priority facilities are often seen as a symbolic act against that country.

Attacks on Critical Infrastructure can take the form of physical attacks to Buildings and people, or electronic attacks, either internally or via internet-facing computer-based networks.

The PSA has a wide portfolio of products and services for the protection of high priority facilities and these facilities staff including solutions for Perimeter Security, - CCTV Surveillance both externally and internally of the buildings, - Access Control & ID systems such as Advanced Door Locks, ID Scanners and Biometric Security; and Entry Control encompassing Turnstiles, Gates, Crash Proof Barriers and Bollards, - X-Ray Baggage Scanners and Walk Through Metal Detectors to detect weapons and explosives, - Leak Detection and Ground Based Radar to prevent unauthorised access and malicious damage, - Intruder Detection systems can also be deployed to detect unauthorised access in secure areas.

Staff can monitor the surroundings of an high priority facilities using our Perimeter Surveillance systems, in which fencing can have fiber optic-based solutions to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence this would be integrated with the CCTV system to provide verification and tracking of the intruder.

Personnel can be protected with Staff Protection Systems including Staff Attack alarms, Armoured vehicles, and Ballistic & Blast-Proof Doors. In the event of a serious incident, Threat and Evacuation Systems allow staff to be safely removed from the area of danger; a range of Panic and Safe Rooms can be installed to provide protection when evacuation is not possible.

Blast Protection solutions help to protect the structure and occupants of these high priority facilities, whilst Anti-blast Film can protect people and property from flying glass, which is the cause of 90% of injuries from bomb-blasts.

Personal Tracking Systems allow staff to be monitored globally, so that in the event of their being taken hostage or attacked security staff can be alerted to their whereabouts immediately. Training programmes in Hostage and Kidnap Awareness help to minimise the chances of personnel putting themselves in situations where this is likely to happen.

The protection of providing airspace at these high priority facilities is also very important and critical point in the protection. - must be prevented as an a possible intelligence activities or to attack these facilities by drone etc.

Signalling cables running alongside railway lines and power cables are a common target of theft, the result of which could have severe repercussions – the PSA International has solutions available which can be deployed for the protection of such assets.

Water distribution could be a target for terrorist activity and so should be protected accordingly.

In a world where electronic attacks are becoming ever more wide spread and where the information is power and value, the other main protection segment the protection of  informations and dates in these high priority facilities as well as the protection of the all communication network. Therefore we can provide a range of solutions for Cable & Network Security to protect valuable systems and computer data from misuse or sabotage.

The physical elements of Critical Infrastructure are often located in remote areas and as a result are particularly at risk from Fire. Fire Detection and Suppression solutions help to protect personnel and property from the dangers associated with the outbreak of fire; whilst Temperature Sensing and Strain Gauge Sensing are used to monitor the environment within critical facilities.

The PSA International Group and it's Defence and Security Research and development Centre to address these problems offer up-to-date defence technologies and security solutions are available for you and your organisation.